Creating an Electron Microscopy Museum

We bring together SCIENCE, RESEARCH, and MUSEUM.

Our non-profit organization has the ambitious goal of archiving the various developmental stages of electron microscopy and, where possible, preserving them in working condition. In doing so, we aim to provide insights into the industrial-historical series of renowned manufacturers.

Under the guiding theme of ‘Experience, Explore, Research, Learn,’ we strive to make the fascinating world of electron microscopy accessible to scientists, students, and the general public.

Our objective is to present all facets of this technology and foster a comprehensive understanding of its significance. We place particular emphasis on the outstanding contributions of Ernst Ruska, as well as Bodo von Borries, Ernst Brüche and Manfred von Ardenne. Without their contributions, many medical achievements and advances in materials science would not have been possible.

From the study of viruses to the production of microchips, the applications of electron microscopy are diverse and of great importance to humanity.

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